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In the surroundings of Pontevedra there are a large number of places that allow you to admire and contemplate the beauty of the city and its surroundings from the heights. And it is that Pontevedra offers multiple and varied viewpoints, in which not only its views are surprising, but also the landscape that offers its location. These 6 viewpoints offer views of the city of Pontevedra, its estuary, and even the estuary of Vigo and Arousa.

The Tomba

The viewpoint of the forest park of A Tomba, close to the city, can be reached on foot and enjoy a pleasant walk among nature. This forest park occupies 62 hectares and has 17 kilometres of paths and several viewpoints.

Cotorredondo Viewpoint (Vilaboa and Marín)

The Cotorredondo viewpoint is located 550 meters above sea level in Vilaboa town hall, 10 kilometres from the city. From here we can see the cove of San Simón in the estuary of Vigo and at its opposite end the estuary of Pontevedra, even being able to see the estuary of Arousa on the clearest days.

Mount of A Caeira (Poio)

The viewpoint of Mount A Caeira is the closest to the city and from it we will get a good view of Pontevedra and the bottom of the estuary. In addition to stunning views of the city, we will also find the Archaeological Area of Caeira, a reclaimed space, where we can see a set of rock art.

Views from A Caeira Viewpoint

A Fracha Viewpoints (Pontevedra)

Another point close to the provincial capital is the mountain of A Fracha, where a great viewpoint offers fantastic views of the Rías Baixas at 493 meters above sea level. Depending on the slope by which we decide to take the walk we can admire on one side, the Ría de Pontevedra, and from the other plane, the Ría de Vigo, with the Rande bridge and the island of San Simón. The best access to get there is via the PO-542, just 7 kilometres from the center of Pontevedra.

Views from the Couto das Forcadas Viewpoint, A Fracha

Outeiro Navío Viewpoint, A Fracha

Monte Castrove viewpoint (Poio)

Located at just over 600 meters above sea level offers views of the estuary of Pontevedra, Arousa and one end of Vigo. Nearby, about 5 kilometres, there is a small forest of Secuoyas, considered one of the largest in Europe. This place arose in 1992 as a result of an initiative to commemorate the five hundred years that had passed since Christopher Columbus “discovered” the New World. US experts traveled here to plant redwoods.

Mount A Peneda viewpoint (Soutomaior and Redondela)

From this viewpoint, located at an altitude of around 300 metres on the A Peneda mountainside , we can enjoy a unique view of the Vigo estuary, the Rande bridge and San Simón island. At the top is a hermitage known as A Virxe das Neves da Peneda whose origins can be traced back to the at least the 16th century. Of all the highlights and landmarks in the surrounding area of Pontevedra, this is the furthest from the city, as it is located 15 kilometres within the boundaries of the municipalities of Soutomaior and Redondela.

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