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A sun-filled summer. A mild winter. Neither extreme cold nor stifling heat. The place where it rains just enough so that green fills the landscape. The perfect place to avoid the oppressive heat of the peninsular summer and the freezing winters Further inland. They call us Galifornia for good reason!

Pleasant temperatures all year

Pontevedra’s climate is naturally warm and temperate. The winter months are much rainier than the summer months, as in most of the western coast of Galicia, but with more unusual weather due to our location at the end of the estuary and the position of two mountain ranges that cause the region’s weather depression as a result of masses of air that come in frequently from the Atlantic.

Temperatures are pleasant throughout the year (mild winters and agreeable weather during the summer) with an average annual temperature of about fifteen degrees and an average temperature range of about 10 degrees, a considerably low rage due to how close we are to the sea.

The average rainfall is 1,613 mm

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