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Throughout its history, Pontevedra has been a city with great weight in the trade, hospitality and services sector. Its pedestrian and quiet streets invite you to go shopping while strolling and enjoying them, as well as the local commerce of proximity. The entire pedestrian area of the historic centre and its perimeter has undergone a remarkable development and has become a large open-air urban shopping zone. The absence of cars favours that the inhabitants of the city to enjoy its restaurants, terraces, cultural activities and commerce.

In Pontevedra we can talk about several commercial areas along Michelena street, or Benito Corbal street that arises just behind the church of La Peregrina and penetrates into the new city, extending along the adjacent streets such as Sagasta street. In the Ensanche area, the axis formed by Calle de la Oliva, Plaza de San José and Calle Rosalía de Castro also form a small commercial nucleus. Next to the big brands, small boutiques with their own style open their doors.

Fashion plays an important role in Pontevedra as in the rest of Galicia, taking into account that the Faculty of Fine Arts in the city offers a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design and Creative Management.

In Pontevedra we have different commercial galleries, the oldest, those of the Oliva, from the year 1961. It was a step forward for the modernisation of local commerce at that time. At the beginning there were only twenty shops. Today there are more than sixty shops with a wide variety of products.

Traditional city commerce

Pontevedra maintains the essence of its traditional commerce through some shops that have remained with the passage of time in its historic centre. Places full of charm that not only offer visitors a warm welcome, but also a wide range and variety of top quality products.

Basketry Cestigar

In Calle Real there were up to 4 basket-making establishments of which only the Cestigar basket-making shop survives today, founded in 1975 and located at number 32. A wide range of decorative items, baskets, chairs and other furniture, handmade in wicker. This shop even sells the wicker for those who are adventurous in their handicrafts.

Comercio Tradicional

Basketry Cestigar

Galician Hardware

Also located on Calle Real, specifically at number 30, this hardware store has survived generation after generation since its founding in 1941. Hundreds of drawers line its walls with tools, accessories and even hardware for antique furniture.

Enrique Eiras Pharmacy

In the emblematic Plaza de la Verdura, specifically in calle San Román 26, you’ll find the historic pharmacy of Enrique Eiras. Its current owner is Ldo. José Luis Domínguez. Although its official inauguration was on 22 December 1876, there are documents that certify its existence as early back as February 1872.

A painting of a half-naked woman accompanied by a group of angels and floral motifs and where you can read “Ars cum natura ad salutem conspirans” (Art collaborating with nature for health), presides over the ceiling of this charming place. This popular place of the city appears in the TVE series, “Los gozos y las sombras”, broadcasted in 1982, and based on the novel by Torrente Ballester.

Interior of Enrique Eiras Pharmacy

A Moda de Abaixo

Very close to Plaza de la Herrería, on Soportales Street number 5, is A Moda de Abaixo, founded in 1896. A traditional fashion store where you can find berets, hats, umbrellas and other accessories. An environment that will undoubtedly transport you to another era.

Printing pawn

The Imprenta Peón, located in Teucro Square, opened its doors in 1902. The grandchildren of Celestino Peón, its founder, run it nowadays. Inside it preserves a printing press from 1863, the oldest piece of the workshop, as well as a Minerva from the 1920s. The first edition of “Os vellos non deben namorarse” by Castelao, one of the classics of Galician literature, was printed in this workshop.

The Monumental Zone Urban Shopping Centre

The Monumental Zone Urban Shopping Centre (CCU ZM) is made up of a wide range of establishments dedicated to commerce, hotels, leisure, services and professionals located in the urban streets of the historic centre and its perimeter.

Trade, hospitality, culture and housing coexist in the historic center of Pontevedra.

Comercio Monumental

Trade in the Monumental Zone

Activities to promote local commerce and entrepreneurship

The city launches several alternatives to publicise a variety of establishments and local businesses, as well as the latest initiatives of entrepreneurs around the city.


Pontelovers is a platform promoted by the Council of Pontevedra aimed at promoting local commerce, bars, restaurants and other establishments in Pontevedra. Its e-ponte project allows you to shop online at some 115 shops in the city as well as book appointments at service establishments such as hairdressers or dental clinics. Another of the projects carried out through the Pontelovers platform, in collaboration with the Pontevedra Provincial Council is Nova Terra, an action with which contests, window dressing and street setting actions are carried out, extending through different neighborhoods and parishes of Pontevedra.

Buy online the products of the Pontevedra food market! allows users to purchase all kinds of products for sale in the market and receive them at home or pick them up. The platform allows you to control the choice of products, packaging and transport of the same, allowing you to choose up to sustainable transport methods.

Pont Up Store

Pont Up Store is an event that brings together projects from a wide range of sectors, both urban and rural. Each year the selected projects are exhibited to make them known to the public.

Fairs and Street markets

On the streets of the city there are several fairs and street markets where you can buy everything from clothes and footwear, antiques to handicrafts. A good option to find different clothes, unique objects and discover popular Galician handicrafts.

Flea market

Every Saturday morning, the Pontevedra street market takes place on the Paseo Ingeniero Rafael Areses, near the Pontevedra Fairground, with 56 stalls selling mainly clothing and footwear.

Antiques Fair

Every Sunday in the Calle Sierra the morning market is held, in which 54 sellers participate. In this fair you can buy antique furniture and objects, in addition to being able to find unique and different pieces.


Every year, at the end of July and the first fortnight of August, the Chalana craft fair takes place in the Blacksmith’s shop. It is a meeting point for Galician artisans and those from other communities where they sell their jewellery, leather objects, musical instruments, textiles and enamels, among others.

During the Christmas season there are numerous activities and fairs for children in various parts of the city such as the Plaza de España, fairgrounds and Plaza de la Herrería with events such as PONTEXOGOS, PONTENADAL and MUNDONADAL even in the food market are held activities for the youngest in the family.

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