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The gastronomy of Pontevedra contributes to the fame and prestige enjoyed by Galician gastronomy in general. Rich and varied, based on the quality of local products, among which the abundance and variety of fish, shellfish and bivalves of unique taste and properties in the world, thanks to the characteristics of the waters of the Galician estuaries.

From the xoubiñas to the sea bass or the grouper, passing through the coruxo or the San Martiño the fish are always present in the menus of Pontevedra. The meats especially the famous Galician veal, but also pork are very present in our kitchen; in addition to products that come straight from the orchard and that to say of the always present empanada from the most known of scallops or squid to the one made with pork Shoulder with turnip greens or cod with raisins; and as not, the Galician bread with all its varieties.

The climatic conditions and the quality of the soil of the Rías Baixas under the impulse of a denomination of origin of international prestige have made the Albariño wine a great ambassador of this part of Galicia. It’s not for nothing that it’s considered one of the best whites in the world that seem to have been born to accompany seafood and fish.Veal and game meats find a perfect pairing in the excellent red wines of the Ribeira Sacra and the region of Valdeorras. The gastronomy is therefore based on simplicity, and on taking the product to its maximum splendour with hardly any modifications.

Restaurants and bars

The restaurant offering in Pontevedra is very wide, varied and of high quality. In the bars and restaurants of the city we find traditional cuisine, but also touches of innovation and modernity due in part to the Carlos Oroza catering center based in Pontevedra, from which young professionals are leaving the sector, incorporating new recipes and modern techniques in cuisine.

O Eirado Pontevedra 1

Restaurant O Eirado

In short, magnificent products and a traditional cuisine that coexists in harmony with the creative proposals of the youngest chefs or those already established. A perfect cocktail so that anyone visiting Pontevedra can enjoy eating whatever style of cuisine they are looking for. But also if Pontevedra surprises for something, it is for the great animation and atmosphere that fills the squares and streets of the historic centre full of bars and terraces to taste tapas and different dishes.

An example of the good work and quality of our gastronomy and catering is that in just 40km we have five Michelin star restaurants, one of them the Eirado da Leña in the historic centre of Pontevedra.

Locate them on the city map

Sweet tradition and bakeries

Bread is a gastronomic delight in Galicia in general and in Pontevedra in particular, and there are numerous bakeries and pastry shops in the city. Depending on the establishment, you can choose between country or butter buns, corn or rye bread, pan da vila, chapatas, artisan bread and wood-fired loaves. In some cases you will even be able to see from the street and through the shop windows how a baker carries out his work.

The empanada is also a universe apart and we already have news of it in the 12th century. In the Portico de la Gloria we discover a figure that appears eating what could be an empanada. It is known that it was a common meal among travellers and pilgrims, it was well preserved and could be eaten cold. In Galicia it is rare the meal or family and friends meeting in which this product is not present.

You can find it in most of the bars and restaurants as well as in all the bakeries and some pastry shops in the city.

You can choose between wheat dough, corn flour dough or flaky dough and fillings from the most traditional to the most innovative: scallops, cockles, cuttlefish, zorza, meat with chorizo, chicken with mushrooms, cod with raisins, xoubiñas, pork with turnip tops or octopus, among many other options.

The tradition of sweets and pastries in the city dates back to the time when the archbishops of Santiago, lords of the town, came to visit Pontevedra and a great reception was prepared for them with a great variety of sweets and pastries.

There is no typical sweet, but there is a great variety of cakes and pies, and depending on the time of year we can find different specialties common to all Galicia, although with local particularities. At carnival time the shop windows are full of filloas, ears and stars, at Christmas and Epiphany marzipan dragons and roscones, on All Saints’ Day , traditional fritters and so on all year round.

Abastos Market

It is a reference in the whole region. In the last 20 years it has been improving and expanding its facilities and services. The building was completely refurbished, but it still retains all its old market charm, with the original facade, the interior stone staircases or arches that crown this spectacular space; an underground car park was built, refrigerated lockers were installed and finally in 2019 a gastroteca was inaugurated on the top floor. Since a few months ago it is possible to make the on-line purchase of products fresh produce from the food market with free home delivery service. As if all this were not enough you can buy products from the square with the option of being cooked in one of the bars of the gastrotech.

The market offers throughout the year and mainly on weekends entertainment activities and workshops for children as well as small concerts in the gastrotech.

Seafood can be cooked on the first floor.


Food Market Gastroteca

Gastronomic Dates

The best of gastronomy meets on specific dates for fairs, competitions and gastronomic events where the best products are exhibited and the most delicious recipes are prepared, always respecting the product and Galician raw material.

Black Label

Etiqueta Negra is an annual fair of Galician gourmet products that has been held since 2016, usually in the month of November. This fair brings together in the same space professionals, producers and consumers, in order to meet market trends, and disseminate the excellence of Galician gourmet products and delicatessen. Más información.

Black Label


This annual gastronomic contest is usually held in November or December. One of the most important requirements is the use of quality products and raw materials that are part of the Galician gastronomy. The locals have the option to participate in three modalities: traditional tapas, creative tapas and cocktail. The prizes are awarded on the one hand by a professional jury and on the other hand by the participating public. Más infomación.

Pontedetapas. © Mónica Patxot. Pontevedra Viva

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