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The city that is committed to sport

In recent years, sporting events have become one of the great economic drivers for the city of Pontevedra. Since 2008, Pontevedra has been committed to a strategy of promoting sport with a high-level annual sports calendar. The city council organises more than 60 events, fifteen of which are national and international. This sports programme can bring around 50,000 visitors to the city, including sportsmen and women, coaches, referees, federation officials, accompanying persons and fans in general, which is unusual for a city of Pontevedra’s size.

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The competitions cover all levels and categories in richly varied forms: swimming, taekwondo, rhythmic gymnastics, chess, table tennis, and of course triathlon and canoeing, the latter being very prominent in the city. If there is a city with experience in holding triathlons, it’s Pontevedra.

The city, and specifically in the Galician Centre for Sports Technification (CGTD) provides Galician sport with a the reference facility for its competitive excellence. A modern sports complex in which the best sportsmen and women and promising Galician sportsmen and women have been and still train. The geographical location of the city allows the practice of numerous sports and leisure activities related to the river and estuary. Canoes on the Lérez and the cyclists and runners along the banks of the river are a common site in the daily life of the city.

Running Deporte

Pontevedra running

Running lovers find that Pontevedra makes the ideal place for their routes. If you are a fan of this sport you will find five routes specially designed as part of the ‘Pontevedra Running’initiative, created by the City Council. The five routes designed by this program are in the Illa do Covo or Illa das Esculturas (4624 metres), in the Xunqueira da Gándara (4308 metres), Senda do Lérez (11668 metres), Beiramar (6861 metres) and Senda dos Gafos (11744 metres).

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Most important sporting events

Sports events often prove the perfect alternative to enjoy sport and discover new cities through its practice and celebration. A unique opportunity to discover the beauty and charm of the city and its surroundings in a different way. Below, you can consult a selection of the most representative and consolidated sporting events in the city’s annual sports calendar.

San Silvestre

Every December 31 San Silvestre is held in the city. This event offers two races for runners to choose between 5 or 10 kilometres. Many of the event participants dress up in festive Christmas season clothing, such as Santa Claus hats, and all kinds of outfits, always proving that there are no limits to creativity in this event.

Pontevedra Half Marathon

During the second half of October every year the Pontevedra Half Marathon is held. A pedestrian race organised annually in the city of Pontevedra that makes a tour of its famous Centennial Historic Centre and other areas of the city.

Princess of Asturias Canoeing Trophy

A summertime classic in Ppontevedra for the last 42 years, held in August, is the Princess of Asturias Canoeing Trophy. The men’s competition starts in Portonovo and the women’s in Combarro, with all of them finishing on Pontevedra’s Tirantes bridge. Clubs from all over Galicia, other Spanish communities and Portugal participate in the competition.


Sports facilities in the city and surrounding areas

The city of Pontevedra offers a wide variety of options to do a range of sports. If you are visiting the city and you want to continue practising your favourite sport, check this guide to the main sports facilities in the city.

Centro Deportivo Pontillon

Pontillón Sports Center

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