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The municipality of Pontevedra is territorially divided into 15 parishes witch is home to an interesting and rich historical and artistic heritage to explore even Further beyond that found in its historic centre.

Pazo de Lourizán and its beautiful gardens

Very close to the city, only 3.5km away, you will find Pazo de Lourizán, a modernist building built at the beginning of the 19th century, design by the famous architect Genaro de la Fuente. It was the summer and leisure residence of the politician Eugenio Montero Ríos, president of the Council of Ministers in the second half of 1905. The imperial-cut stone staircase, statues of classical inspiration and ornaments stand out. In addition, it has a modernist greenhouse unique in Galicia for its size and a glass and iron factory. In the garden, in a romantic style, we can find various historical fountains. Another of the most significant spaces is the greenhouse, in a modernist style, it is unique in Galicia for its size and its construction method: iron and glass.

Pazo Lourizan Municipio

Lourizán Pazo

The pazo is surrounded by an impressive estate. In its 54 hectares of gardens, estate and groves we can find about 700 species of plants from all continents, one of the most important collections in the community of Galicia. Oaks, chestnut trees, birches, cypresses, araucarias, cedars, magnolias and other species grow in its gardens giving those who visit them an authentic botanical experience. Of its gardens, the collection of camellias stands out, the flower that fills the city with colours each winter.

How to get to the pazo

Ponte Sampaio and its natural surroundings

At the mouth of the river Verdugo, 12 km from the city, we can visit the bridge of Ponte Sampaio, of medieval origin and 144 meters long. This bridge was the scene of the last battle in Galicia against Napoleon’s army during the War of Independence on 7 and 8 June 1809, which finally ended the French occupation. Ponte Sampaio also has an environment of great natural value such as the islet of Medal. This small islet can be accessed on foot and you can enjoy several hiking trails such as the Ponte Sampaio Heritage route, which gives you the opportunity to see a unusual aqueduct of about 100 meters that is known by the name of “O Paredón”.

Pontesampaio Municipio

Pontesampaio surroundings

Monastery of San Salvador Lérez

On the river Lérez, and about 3 km from the city, you’ll find the Monastery of San Salvador de Lérez, declared a historic-artistic monument and denominated picturesque place in 1946, and place of Cultural Interest (BIC). Its origins date back to the 10th century, and its interior features images dedicated to the Saviour, from the 13th century, and the chapel of San Benito, from the 18th century. Every 11th July is a public holiday in the city of Pontevedra due to the popular pilgrimage of San Benitiño de Lérez which is celebrated in this monastery, a saint who is reputed to be miraculous and whose oil is said to have curative properties.

San Salvador Municipio

Monastery of San Salvador de Lérez

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