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Parrot Ravachol

The sculpture of the parrot Ravachol, located in the Plaza de la Peregrina, is a work of the artist José Luis Penado from Pontevedra. It was installed in 2006 in the place where the famous pharmacy of Don Perfecto Feijoo and his parrot Ravachol was located, a character that was adopted in 1985 as one of the symbols of the carnival of the city. This parrot became very popular and loved by the visitors of the traditional pharmacy shop because of his character. He would warn Don Perfecto when someone arrived at the establishment and would not allow anyone to leave his owner’s pharmacy without paying. Little by little he won the affection of the people of Pontevedra, so much so that a massive funeral was held when he died in the carnival of 1913. That is why the funeral of this famous character in the history of the city is recreated every year in this celebration.

The funeral of Parrot Ravachol. © Mónica Patxot. Pontevedra Viva

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